About Us

EBC Brakes are the biggest brake pad and brake disc manufacturer in the world.  With many different brake pad compounds to choose from EBC brakes have catered for the majority of the Automotive Market.  This includes cars, 4x4 vehicles and vans.

EBC manufacture nearly all of their braking products in the UK and the rest are produced in EBC's state of the art facilities in America.  All EBC Brake pads that are manufactured for road use are tried and tested to ECE R90 brake regultions which is required when upgrading your standard pads.  The Greenstuff, Redstuff and Yellowstuff plus the 4x4 range of brake pads are all covered by the ECE R90 certification which allows them to be purchased and used throughout Europe.  The different coloured pads offer different braking performances governed by weight and temperature.  ULTIMAX is the base OE replacement pad for normal driving. GREENSTUFF is for light cars up to 200 HP with a temperature ceiling of 650 degrees C.  REDSTUFF CERAMIC is for medium to heavy vehicles up to and over 200 HP with a temperature ceiling of 750 degrees C.  YELLOWSTUFF R is our racing, rally, performance road pad with a temperature ceiling of up to 900 degrees C.

The intensive test measures are carried through the EBC product range and include the award winning brake disc range.  Many of the EBC brake discs are tested and can now boast the much accredited TUV certification which is demanded for use in Germany.

"EBC brake pads contain Aramid fibres, these are man-made high performance fibres, used widely for their light weight, high strength, abrasion resistance and thermal stability.  They are used as reinforcements in ballistic protection (bullet-proof helments and vests, vehicle armour), cut-resistant gloves, aircraft and marine structural parts, power transmission belts and of course friction products where their high strength to weight, thermal stability and abrasion resistance provide advantages over cheaper steel fibre based products".

EBC Brakes also manufacture brake pads and discs for the sole aim of Motor Racing with YELLOWSTUFF R being the most popular formula.  The BLUESTUFF brake pads are part of this range and has now been upgraded to the new NDX formula which offers a better braking performance than ever before.  These pads are being evaluated here in NZ and will be bought in on request.


Brake components should be installed by a competent mechanic in a professional manner. Any incorrect installation of brake components can cause a major safety problem or an accident. If you are not a competent and qualified mechanic you should not attempt to install these products, but should take the vehicle to a vehicle dealer or competent automotive mechanic for their installation.
Disc brakes pads and rotors are wear items and as such should be inspected regularly and replaced as necessary.

EBC pads have no Asbestos